SEO quiz用下面的搜索引擎优化(SEO)测验,来测试一下你的SEO知识:

Q1: 关键词选择是:
A. 搜索引擎优化中最重要的步骤之一
B. 有点重要,但是可以往后拖拖
C. 不值得花费时间和精力
D. 不如关键词堆积有效

Q2: 撰写好的内容是:
A. 不如创建“桥页(doorway pages)”重要
B. 搜索引擎优化中最重要的一个东西
C. 带来不好的搜索引擎排名的关键
D. 谁关心这个?我用的是不可见文本(invisible text)

Q3: 网站结构:
A. 至关重要,为了吸引搜索引擎蜘蛛机器人和人类用户
B. 应包括很多很多的图像
C. 必须尽可能的让人迷惑,没有清晰的导航
D. 就是不重要。搜索者来我的网站是因为他们喜欢我,而不是我的代码

Q4: 源代码(meta标签,标题标签,等等):
A. 啊?那是什么?哦,好吧,不重要。(把头一戳,又埋回沙子里去了)(译者注:这里也太搞笑了。。。)
B. 非常重要,并且应该像网站其他部分那样进行优化
C. 太可怕了!别让我学技术沾边的东西!
D. 搜索引擎蜘蛛机器人不会看这些的

Q5: 你的网站的语法、拼写和总体外观:
A. 无所谓,因为谁真的关心?
B. 极其重要,你的网站成败在此
C. 不如关键词堆积和桥页重要。那才是SEO的关键
D. 我不关心别人怎么看我的网站。它很完美。

Q6: 网站提交:
A. 应该尽可能地经常进行。2天一次,至少。如果可能的话更多次。
B. 提交你的网站到至少一千个搜索引擎…无论何处
C. 提交你的网站越多,你的搜索排名越好
D. 应该慎重考虑,因为大多数网站都是被搜索引擎蜘蛛机器人自然索引的

Q7: 针对你的受众进行目标化处理:
A. 没用,浪费时间
B. 很重要,照顾到很多额外的工作
C. 为什么我要做这个?我的受众会找到我的。
D. 很简单,购买一个垃圾邮件发送方数据库里的电子邮件地址就好了

Q8: 对于搜索排名结果,SEO是:
A. 简直不重要。我的意思是,我的网站这么酷,我不需要真的去做任何工作
B. 至关重要的。这正是搜索排名关键所在
C. 浪费时间。而且太复杂了!
D. 我不想在我的网站上太过急进。我会让它在那儿,该发生的总会发生的

A. 关键词堆积,或者往你的内容和源代码里填塞尽可能多的关键词
B. 桥页:创建只有搜索引擎才能看到的虚假页面
C. 不可见文本:到处堆积颜色和背景色相同的关键词
D. 以上皆是

Q10: 我怎么样开始SEO?
A. 不需要。留给专家做吧。
B. 慢慢开始,多读多看,不要给自己太大压力或气馁
C. 在24小时内往脑子里塞满尽可能多的信息;冲洗掉;再重复
D. SEO就是不重要



Q1: A
Q2: B
Q3: A
Q4: B
Q5: B
Q6: D
Q7: B
Q8: B
Q9: D
Q10: B

— 原文内容 —

Test your SEO knowledge with the Search Engine Optimization Quiz.

Q1: Keyword selection is:
A. one of the most important steps in search engine optimization
B. kind of important, but can be pushed aside until later
C. not worth the time and effort
D. not as effective as keyword stuffing

Q2: Writing good content is:
A. not as important as creating doorway pages
B. the single most important thing in search engine optimization
C. the key to poor search engine rankings
D. who cares? I’ve got invisible text.

Q3: Site infrastructure:
A. vital in order to appeal to both search engine spiders and human users
B. includes lots and lots of graphics.
C. must be as confusing as possible, with no clear navigation
D. just not important. Searchers come to my site because they love me, not my coding.

Q4: Source code (meta tags, title tags, etc.):
A. Huh? what’s that? Oh, well, not important. (sticking head back in sand)
B. very important and should be optimized just like the rest of your site
C. are scary! Don’t make me learn technical stuff!
D. Search engine spiders don’t look at these.

Q5: Grammar, spelling, and the general “look” of your site:
A. don’t matter, because who really cares?
B. Are extremely important and can make or break your site.
C. Not as important as keyword stuffing and doorway pages. That’s the key to SEO.
D. I don’t care what anyone else thinks of my site. It’s perfect.

Q6: Site submission:
A. should be done as often as possible. Twice a day, at least. More, if possible.
B. submit your site to at least a thousand search engines…wherever they might be.
C. the more you submit your site, the better your search ranking.
D. should be considered carefully, because most sites are indexed naturally by search engine spiders

Q7: Targeting your audience:
A. is useless and a waste of time.
B. is important and takes care of a lot of extra work.
C. why should I? My audience will find me.
D. easily taken care of by purchasing a spammer’s database of email addresses.

Q8: As far as search ranking results go, SEO is:
A. pretty unimportant. I mean, my site is so cool that I don’t really need to do any work.
B. vital. It’s what search ranking is all about.
C. a waste of time. And it’s so complicated!
D. I don’t want to be pushy with my site…I’ll just let what happens, happen.

Q9: A good example of Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is:
A. Keyword stuffing, or ramming as many keywords as possible into your content and source code
B. Doorway pages: creating false pages that only search engine spiders will see
C. Invisible text: stuffing keywords all over the place by making it the same color as the background
D. all of the above

Q10: How do I get started with SEO?
A. You don’t. Leave it to experts.
B. Start slow, read a lot, and don’t be intimidated or discouraged.
C. Cram as much information as possible into your brain in 24 hours; rinse, repeat.
D. SEO is just not important.


Q1: A
Q2: B
Q3: A
Q4: B
Q5: B
Q6: D
Q7: B
Q8: B
Q9: D
Q10: B

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